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TODAY at 1:00 p.m., the House of Representatives will begin debate on amendments to H.4219, An Act Relative to Immediate COVID-19 Recovery Needs, utilizing funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the FY 2021 budget surplus.
Please send an email to your local State Representative asking him/her to co-sponsor Amendment 203, Nursing Facility Recovery and Amendment 845, Nursing Facility Infrastructure & Workforce. Click here to access a pre-written letter in the Action Alert Center. Please share this Action Alert with your community of staff, residents, and their family members. 
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Updated Co-Sponsor ListThank you for your ongoing advocacy efforts!
Amendment 203, Nursing Facility RecoveryFiled by Leader Thomas Golden Jr. (D-Lowell)52 Co-Sponsors: Thomas M. Stanley, Steven C. Owens, Timothy R. Whelan, Hannah Kane, Patricia A. Duffy, Linda Dean Campbell, Kimberly N. Ferguson, Colleen M. Garry, Alice Hanlon Peisch, Peter Capano, Maria Robinson, Michael P. Kushmerek, Tackey Chan, Rady Mom, Vanna Howard, Tommy Vitolo, Daniel Cahill, Adam J. Scanlon, Steven Ultrino, Edward R. Philips, William J. Driscoll, Jr., Brandy Fluker Oakley, Kate Lipper-Garabedian, Jack Patrick Lewis, Jessica Ann Giannino, William C. Galvin, James J. O’Day, Tricia Farley-Bouvier, Nika C. Elugardo, Brian W. Murray, Sean Garballey, Adrian C. Madaro, Andres X. Vargas, James Arciero, Kevin G. Honan, Meghan Kilcoyne, David Paul Linsky, Carol A. Doherty, Marcos A. Devers, David Allen Robertson, Daniel M. Donahue, Kip A. Diggs, Lindsay N. Sabadosa, David T. Vieira, Bradley H. Jones, Jr., Carolyn C. Dykema, David LeBoeuf, Tram T. Nguyen, Natalie M. Higgins, Mathew J. Muratore, Mike Connolly, and Tami L. GouveiaAmendment 203 would provide $15 per day for each MassHealth resident to allow nursing facilities to maintain recent investments in the direct care workforce, hire critically needed new staff, pay skyrocketing temporary labor costs, fund infection prevention expenses, including critical PPE, and offer single-occupancy isolation rooms. Amendment 845, Nursing Facility Infrastructure & WorkforceFiled by Chairman Thomas Stanley (D-Waltham)32 Co-Sponsors: Tackey Chan, Vanna Howard, Tommy Vitolo, Daniel Cahill, Adam J. Scanlon, Steven Ultrino, William J. Driscoll, Jr., Kate Lipper-Garabedian, Steven C. Owens, Jack Patrick Lewis, Nika C. Elugardo, Patricia A. Duffy, Jessica Ann Giannino, William C. Galvin, Tricia Farley-Bouvier, James J. O’Day, Brian W. Murray, Adrian C. Madaro, Kimberly N. Ferguson, James Arciero, Meghan Kilcoyne, Kevin G. Honan, David Paul Linsky, Carol A. Doherty, David Allen Robertson, Michael P. Kushmerek, Lindsay N. Sabadosa, Carolyn C. Dykema, David LeBoeuf, Tram T. Nguyen, Natalie M. Higgins, and Mathew J. MuratoreAmendment 845 would establish a direct care training scholarship program, funds to offset the costs of child care and transportation for nursing facility staff and grants to hire additional staff including international nurses. The amendment would also establish grants to modernize and update nursing facilities to enhance care delivery and quality resident care.

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