Our Vision

Royal Health Group is a family business founded in 1997 by our President, Jim Mamary.  Armed with 20 years of experience in leading and revitalizing nursing homes, Jim’s vision was to build a network of care facilities that combine the best practices of the corporate world with the heart and personalized care of a family business. This remains our goal today.

Our Commitment to our Residents

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of personal care for our residents and to meeting their medical, social and spiritual needs in a caring, respectful, home-like environment. We seek to innovate and expand our services to ensure we meet the evolving needs of those in our care. We strive to be a leader in the fields of short and long-term care and to serve as a resource and advocate for those we serve.

Our Commitment to our Employees

We value our employees and consider them key members of our healthcare team and our Royal Health Group family.  We are committed to investing in their professional growth and education while doing everything within our power to ensure a positive and happy working environment.

Our Commitment to the Community

We believe it is our responsibility to serve the communities around as a resource and advocate. We partner with local businesses, community organizations, senior centers and care providers to bring our expertise and support to those who need it. We run support groups in the community, host educational and enrichment events, share our facilities and more.  We are committed to being active members of the communities we serve.