The COVID-19 virus has affected all aspects of life in the United States. Rehabilitation Centers, nursing homes, and other elder care facilities have been particularly hard hit due to the vulnerability of patients. Royal Health is committed to providing the safest possible environment in order to maximize the safety of our residents during this extremely difficult time.

We have implemented a series of policies and procedures designed to vastly improve resident safety. Our policies are based on the recommendations of the CDC, and guidance from state/local Health officials. These include:

  • Resident Monitoring and Management
  • Resident Placement
  • Precautionary Resident Removal Procedures
  • Emergency Transfer Protocols
  • Communal Dining and Activity Adjustments
  • Restricted Visitation Guidelines
  • Environmental Infection Controls
  • Increased PPE and Cleaning Supplies/Regimens
  • Staff Training, Safety Measures, and Testing Protocols
  • Increased COVID Testing for Residents and Staff
  • Expanded Communication with Residents, their Families, and Proxies.

Please click here to view a comprehensive description of our policies and procedures.

If you have any questions regarding how Royal Health is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, please email us at

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