Last December, many of us thought we would be able to enjoy a carefree Holiday season this year. Unfortunately, that is not the case.  COVID19 cases have quadrupled since November 1, 2021, as we are nearing 2020 rates.   As of this week, the Omicron variant accounts for approximately 73% of all cases and, as we know, this variant is highly transmissible.  Asymptomatic individuals can still spread the virus. We are at a critical juncture and need your support to protect the residents. We understand you may want to visit your loved ones or bring them home for the Holidays.  If taking loved ones home, we implore you and others to test prior to the event, limit the number of people at the gathering, socially distance, wear masks, and encourage frequent handwashing.  The facility will conduct a risk assessment for those residents who go home for the Holidays. Should the risk determined to be high, residents will be required to quarantine upon returning. If visiting the facility, we ask that you test when you arrive at the facility. All visitors and residents must keep their mask on at all times, regardless of vaccination status, maintain social distancing, and frequently wash hands.  Immunity is waning for vaccinated individuals as we are seeing vaccinated individuals testing positive. Unfortunately, we have also seen previously positive individuals who are vaccinated test positive.  Boosters are critical.  The combination of booster vaccines and these infection control measures will drastically reduce the spread of infection. We are grateful your support over the past two years and wish you a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season.

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