The Ballet Comes to Royal Falmouth

The nursing facilities of the Royal Health Group are committed to meaningful, enriching activities for their residents, especially since most are unable to attend events off site. But sometimes, the “event” comes to them, as was the case recently when residents were treated to a ballet performance by the Cape Cod Dance Center.

It was a family connection that brought the dancers to Royal Falmouth. Resident Isabelle Andrade’s granddaughter Madi is a member of the ensemble, and Madi’s idea had the full support of the Center’s director, Eveline Carle.

“Since Isabelle could no longer make it to the studio performances, she brought the performance to her!”

And it was a breathtaking event for our residents, many of whom said that they had never seen a live ballet performance before. Since 1989, the Cape Cod Dance Center has provided well-rounded dance education and artistic inspiration to all students of dance. Many thanks from the residents and staff of Royal Falmouth for a memorable performance!