Royal Braintree Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Royal Braintree Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is conveniently located in the heart of Weymouth Landing where Braintree, Weymouth and Quincy converge, and within easy walking distance of public transit. We are easily accessible from South Shore Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess/Milton, and all Boston hospitals. Royal Braintree proudly offers an impressive list of innovative benefits, including the highly regarded Alzheimer’s Care program under the direction of industry expert Maureen Bradley,  a dedicated cultural immersion program serving the Russian-speaking population involving language, activities, customs, and cuisine,  and superb, comprehensive short-term rehabilitation in our upscale “Terrace” wing.  In 2015 and 2016, Royal Braintree was pleased to receive deficiency-free surveys from the Mass. Department of Public Health and is now a 5-Star quality rating. Like all the properties in the Royal Health Group, Royal Braintree is TJC (The Joint commission, formerly JCAHO) accredited, recognized nationwide as a symbol of commitment and quality in the healthcare field, and given only to the finest nursing centers in the country.
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Russian Program Director: Lena Zeliger

The Royal Advantage:

  • Expert short-term rehabilitation (PT, OT, speech, pulmonary, post-acute)
  • Diabetes Specialty Services program from the Joslin Diabetes Center gives us exclusive area access to the vast resources of one of the world’s most respected diabetes research centers
  • Royal Innovation: Alzheimer’s Care program is tailored individually to each resident in a nurturing, failure-free environment that encourages a feeling of comfort and safety, building on the strengths and honoring the uniqueness of every resident
  • Sub acute care for a wide range of complex medical conditions, including cardiac, pulmonary, and neurological diagnoses
  • Dedicated program serving the Russian-speaking population, immersed in their language and culture
  • 24-hour skilled nursing care for our respite, palliative and long-term residents
  • Hospice services from Fidelis Hospice, focusing on compassionate, dignified care for end stage patients
  • Physical, occupational, and speech and hearing therapy programs tailored to meet the specific needs of each resident in well-appointed single rooms in our “Terrace” wing
  • Royal employs cardio technology which effectively predicts congestive heart failure up to two weeks before  symptoms normally surface
  • Phone Doctor telemedicine allows for extended doctor’s coverage and fewer hospitalizations
  • Nutritionally balanced meals and counseling with our Royal Innovation: Nutrition program, administered by nutrition expert Laura Vigneau
  • A wide variety of scheduled activity programs held on each unit or enjoyed outside in our beautifully landscaped courtyard.


JCAHO accredited


Russian Program Мы привезли его к вам, когда все врачи уже отказались от     него, когда лекарства не работали и он угасал. И эти четыре года папиной жизни были нам подарены прежде всего благодаря высокому профессионализму Доктора Зинаиды Левин, которая множество раз спасала его в критических ситуациях. Мы глубоко благодарны медсестрам. Это их знания,  готовность прийти на помощь, доброта помогали папе жить относительно комфортно. Удивительно, но вы обращаетесь к своим пациентом не по имени, или фамилии а по домашнему ласково: Верочка, Наденька, Сашенька. “Сашенька сегодня съел столько-то процентов завтрака” сообщает мне медсестра как только я подхожу к папе. “Сашенька подпевал, когда мы слушали музыку” рассказывает Ирочка в “Activity Room” Я почти не встречала здесь равнодушных. Наверное они не задерживаются в таком коллективе. Четыре самых трудных для нашей семьи года вы были нашей oпорой. Спасибо Вам, медсестры, которым мы звонили по нескольку раз в день и всегда получали терпеливые, подробные ответы! Спасибо Директору Программы Лене Зелигер за умение найти   правильное решение постоянно возникающих проблем! Спасибо: Верочке Дидук, Далии Сенаускайте, Ханне Халибус,  Иоланте Сакакиенс, Оксане  Круш, Джордане Михаилович, Фатиме Арзулиевой, Елене Дуац, Василию Багнук,  Ивану Булаеву, Наташе Потапенко, Жаннет Моус Спасибо медсестрам, нянечкам, работникам столовой и всем, всем которых я здесь не назвала! Спасибо  за высокий профессионализм и большую человеческую Доброту!                -Семья Шаргородских  
“When I first saw the Terrace unit, I couldn’t believe how clean and well-appointed it was. The staff came in immediately and welcomed me warmly. I enjoyed everything about my stay, including the food, which was great. The staff was caring and professional and kept me in the loop at every step of my recovery. I never felt alone; every detail was covered. I am going to need surgery for my other knee in the future, and will definitely return to Royal Braintree only!” -Dorothy Shea   “I wanted to let everyone who has elder parents know about the wonderful care which was given to my 87 year-old father when he got to Royal Braintree Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Prior to entering this nursing home, he was in and out of the hospital and one other rehab; he was sick and depressed. After two weeks, when I went to pick him up, he looked well, refreshed and alive. Thank you, Royal Rehab! Thank you, Dr. Levin, Lena Zeliger, Viktor Litvin and everyone else. You all were a true family, not just the healers.” -Ludmilla Leibman
“On behalf of my siblings, I would like to say thank you to all of the staff who tended to our dad while he was in Royal’s care…My dad did not die alone. You have a wonderful CNA by the name of Sylvie Auguste who took care of him that morning. He had told her before how he had sung in the choir. She sang Amazing Grace to him,and as she was singing it to him, he closed his eyes, and she said she knew he was going to Jesus.  What a wonderful thing she did…Again, thank you for everything that was done by all for dad.” -Janet Nelson