Megansett Nurse Survives Storm Scare

“And How Was Your Ride to Work, Bev?”

We all have our memories of late October’s super storm named “Sandy,” but it’s the Nor’easter that followed a few days later that will forever be remembered by Royal Megansett nurse Beverly Travis-Ross.

When Beverly left her home in Spencer for work that morning, there were six inches of snow on the ground. But travelling on Route 28A, just five minutes from the North Falmouth nursing facility where she’s worked for nine years, it wasn’t snow, but rain that could have easily cost Beverly her life.

“It was raining heavily on the Cape, and I hit a huge puddle and went out of control,” said Beverly. Just a little bit. She rolled her Jeep Wrangler twice, ending upside down on the side of the road.

And incredibly, she was uninjured. As in: not a scratch.

“I wasn’t upset, my heart wasn’t pounding. I was very calm, actually, because I knew I was fine.”

So fine that she declined a free ambulance ride to the hospital, and instead, asked to be driven to Royal Megansett, where she worked her regular 7am to 3pm shift that day!

It would be easy to say that she reported for duty after her near-death experience out of a love for the company and the people she works with, but that wouldn’t be far off.

“I’ve been in this business for 30 years, and this is the best place I’ve ever worked at,” said the Royal Megansett LPN, the second floor unit manager. “I work with the best nurses I’ve ever been around, and the CNAs are fabulous. If I didn’t believe the company was doing good things, I wouldn’t be here.”

“First and foremost, we were all relieved to find out that Beverly wasn’t hurt,” said Royal Health Group owner Jim Mamary. “We are a family company, and we like to think of our employees as extended members of the family. But for Beverly to report for work after what she went through – that’s dedication way above and beyond the call.”

Beverly recalled a day this summer when the owner visited each of his facilities for what he called “town hall-style meetings.”

“I listened to Mr. Mamary talk about his vision of the company and I believed him. I believe him to be a man of integrity, who is in this business for all the right reasons.”

And Beverly had her reasons for continuing on to work that morning despite rolling her Jeep not once, but twice on a rainy highway. She loves her job. And amazingly, she was fine. Perfectly fine.