Hospice Services from Fidelis Hospice

The Royal Health Group is committed to compassionate, sensitive attention to those in our care with advanced, end stage illness, focusing on comfort and quality of life rather than cure. The goal of hospice is to enable patients to be comfortable and free of pain, so that they live each day as fully as possible. Aggressive methods of pain control may be used. Hospice supports the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the patient as well as the patient’s family members,  in addition to providing appropriate end stage medical support.

Royal recommends the services of Fidelis Hospice, which specializes in all aspects of care for people in the end stages of life. Fidelis uses a team approach that includes the participation of nurses, doctors, social workers and clergy in providing support. Unlike other hospice services, Fidelis focuses primarily on nursing home patients.

Please visit www.fidelishospice.com for more information.